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Now you can become a WARRIOR!

Submission information page


Because of the huge amount of requests I receive, I now have to charge
a nominal $30.00 per person fee for this service to help limit demand.

Here is a before and after example:


Here are the requirements

Send me a CLEAR, GOOD QUALITY picture of yourself, portrait-style Shot, no smaller than the example above

If E-mail, the picture must be .JPG or .GIF only, using only the E-mail address listed below. Once I recieve the picture, I will let you know if it is usable and tell you where to send payment.

If you wish to Snail-mail your picture, include payment and I will let you know where to mail it.

Pictures are posted on the website only at your request. If you wish your picture to be on the site, please let me know.  If you are sending me a picture of someone other than yourself, I must have that persons permission before I can post it on the site.

Once I receive your picture, I will notify you and give you an estimate of when it will be completed.  Work will begin once payment is received.  If for some reason the picture is unusable, I will let you know and give you the option of sending a different picture, or returning your payment.

Pictures are usually finished in a few weeks, but may take longer depending on spare time, backlog, Romulan incursions, and tribble troubles.

I reserve the right to refuse any photo and return your payment. You would be amazed at some of the wierd ones I've gotten!


Get your pictures ready, so that YOU can become a WARRIOR


Click here to submit your photo

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