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The Perils of Penelope Pitstop!

Premiering on September 13th, 1969,
The Perils of Penelope Pitstop was a spin-off of the
very popular cartoon The Wacky Races


Sylvester Sneekly
Sylvester Sneekly, AKA...

Penelope Pitstop, Heiress to a vast
fortune, is in perpetual peril from
her fortune seeking guardian,
Sylvester Sneekly, who unknown
to her is really that villain of villains,
The Hooded Claw! (BOOOO!)

The Evil Hooded Claw!
...The Hooded Claw!

But foiling this fiend's foul
plots are Penelope's ever-present
protectors, the Ant Hill Mob,
and their courageous car,

(Of course, any
similarity between
Ant Hill Mob and
Seven Dwarfs
is purely coincidental !)

The show was of course an homage to the silent film
series, "The Perils of Pauline". So much so
in fact, that the series (unlike the Wacky Races)
had a very silent film era look. Everything from cars
to wardrobe looked no later than 1930

Penelope driving her
Compact Pussycat in
The Wacky Races
Penelope with her new
Perils Make-over

Of course, when you give a star such as Penelope her
own show, such make-overs are not uncommon.
She received a new look and a new car in keeping
with the new silent film era look
(alas, her famed compact pussycat never appeared in the show).

The Hooded Claw's bungling
henchmen, the Bully Brothers


An odd choice for the gallant protectors of our danger
prone Southern Belle, the Ant Hill Mob members
themselves had some major alterations, new names,
new wardrobe, more distinctive personalities,
and a far more heroic demeanor (well, actually,
they were now more like the Keystone cops),
their former mobster selves.

Their car was changed from the inanimate
Bullet Proof Bomb to the quite lively

The Ant Hill Mob in the Bullet
Proof Bomb from the Wacky Races:
Clyde, Danny, Kurby, Mac, Ring-A-Ding,
Rug Bug Benny, and Willy

The Mob with new duds and
car, Chugga-boom, and new names:
Clyde, Dum Dum, Pockets, Snoozy,
Softy, Yak Yak, and Zippy

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop was produced by Hanna-Barbera,
starring the voice talents of Janet Waldo as Penelope Pitstop and
Paul Lynde as Sylvester Sneekly/The Hooded Claw
with Don Messick, Paul Winchell, Mel Blanc
and Gary Owens as the Narrator.

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