Human Interface Technology Lab

Winter 1998

In 1998, the University of Washington's Human Interface Technology Laboratory (commonly known as the HIT Lab) asked Prospero Design to develop, design, test, and launch a web site that would showcase the HIT Lab's technological savvy, yet be accessible to university users with low connection speeds. The new site would emphasize the Lab's human face, while providing easy access to the great depth of information, papers, and technologies explored at the HIT Lab. Prospero designed and built the initial Web presence from conception to public release.

A Development Partnership
To build the new HIT Lab site, Prospero held a series of meetings with HIT Lab personnel to more fully define their goals, messaging and available branding elements that would convey all the ideas the new site should showcase. Prospero then worked in partnership with designers at the University of Washington to create a navigation structure that would serve all of these goals. Following the approval of a final site design, Prospero's expert Site Development Lead, Michael Dunlap, created HTML 4.0 compliant code that would load quickly in all contemporary browsers and would also be viewable in older browsers. Prospero provided ongoing updates to the site as the work progressed, and assured the HIT Lab of a picture-perfect launch of their new site, just in time for a major article in DISCOVER magazine.

Prospero is proud to provide for all of the online needs of the Human Interface Reasearch Laboratory, and provides ongoing support to this development partner and longterm client.

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