Bellingham Review

Spring 1998

A New Face for Bellingham Review
"Your Online Resource for Literary Excellence"

Improved Information Access
In planning their site redesign, Bellingham Reviews' main objective was to organize and present content in a way that would help their 15,000 daily visitors easily find what they're looking for. As a private, non-profit business venture of the cable television industry, Bellingham Review is dedicated to covering public policy, and the information presented and archived on their Web site has to be thorough yet easily searchable. Prospero's updated design and information retrieval structure make finding information on Bellingham Review's site easier than ever.

Building Brand Equity
Our design team worked closely with Bellingham Review's marketing department to establish a true "face" for their online presence — Bellingham had a name, but needed to be developed as a visual extension of the Bellingham Review organization. The result is a branded interface that visually supports Bellingham Review's mission and firmly establishes the site as the online resource for public affairs.

Prospero Product Solutions
In addition to improved information architecture and interface design, two innovative Prospero solutions — Prospero® IndexSearch and Prospero® NewsTicker — make information on the site more accessible. The IndexSearch is a multi-feature search engine designed to provide rapid search results for large sites. The NewsTicker, which can be easily configured to fit different design motifs, displays current news headlines and links to the stories themselves. Both solutions help site visitors find the current information they want quickly and easily, while still allowing easy access to archived stories.

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