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K'Mels Guide to Klingon Cyberspace
One of the best

The Klingon Assault Group

House Trekkan

House Veska
Join them or die

House Pancake

IKV StrangleHold

IKV Bloodlust

IKV Blood Oath


IKV Greenfire

Ring of Fire Fleet

The Gallery of Klingon Warriors
Leather and latex may be fun, but here's how to look like a Klingon without them

K'Pinky and the Brain
That's right, K'Pinky and the Brain

Artifacts by q'IDar
Custom Crafted Uniforms & Accessories

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Hunger Site
Help end world hunger

The Klingon Language Institute
Speak the Warrior tounge!

Deathgrip flag
Flag of the
IKV DeathGrip