Here is a photo gallery of just some of the events
the Deathgrip has been a part of.

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The Star Trek 40th Anniversary Convention
at the Seattle Science Fiction Museum
and Hall of Fame

September 8th - 10th, 2006

Examining the Romulan Warbird filming model at the Christies Auction display Saying hello to our Feddie friends! At the enterance of the Sci-Fi Museum Under the Space Needle Kurr with JG Hertzler (Martok) Kurr and Dirrath pose with an Andorian

Beware Romulans! Everyone loves posing with Klingons! Ambassadors of fun! It's amazing what tourists can find in Seattle Dirrath and Kurr pose with Gort

The 2nd Season Premiere Party for

September 18th  2002

UPN 11 and Mix 92.5
and the IKV DEATHGRIP (providing the general mayhem)
invaded the AMC theater to the premiere on the big screen!

Filming the new UPN spot with Chris Cashman The DG with Mix 92.5's Frank Shiers Heckling the Humans from above Ma'k selects prize winners

Saturday, September 14th, 2002
Magnuson Park, Seattle

Bark in the Park!
UPN 11 and KWJZ Radio
were co-sponsers of this benefit for PAWS
which featured special guest, PORTHOS from ENTERPRISE!

Hangin' out at the UPN booth The Captain and Porthos Escorting Porthos at the walk Posing with a pooch A successful event!

Klingons for the Cure!

June 2nd, 2002
Safeco field

The Deathgrip joined Frank Shiers, Murdock, Hunter and Alice
of Mix 92.5 Radio as we took part in the "RACE FOR THE CURE"
to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation
for Breast Cancer Research

Preparing for the crowd Getting carried away! A brave human poses with Kurr Kurr and Yesqa

The Deathgrip helps warm up the crowd with some jazzersize!
When Klingons tell you to dance, YOU DANCE!

When Klingons say dance... ...EVERYONE dances! Dancin' fools! Shake it! Ma'k gives one of the dancers a lift

Over 17,000 people participated that day, those in pink are cancer survivors.

Seeing so many cancer survivors really drove home what the event was all about! Posing with Seattle's finest! Dirrath and Ma'k walk the entire 5k in full regalia! People just love posing with Klingons Mix 92.5's Frank Shiers with friends Inside Safeco Field for the After-race festivities Ma'k decides to take these two home! Mix 92.5's Murdock & Hunter with the DG crew

The 1st Season Finale Party for
at the Experience Music Project

May 22nd  2002

UPN 11, Mix 92.5, AT&T Wireless
and the IKV DEATHGRIP (providing the general mayhem)
invaded the EMP to host this exclusive event!

The DG about to go on stage Mix 92.5's Frank Shiers Ma'k and Frank Ma'k and UPN's Jamie

Filming the UPN 11 Commercial spot at the EMP

April 26th  2002

UPN 11, Mix 92.5 and the Deathgrip returned
to the EMP to film the commercial for the
ENTERPRISE Season Finale party

Air Batleth! Invading UPN's front office! Kurr and WovomHwl' waiting for their que The DG with Mix 95.5's Murdock, Hunter and Alice One for the Blooper Reel! Play that Funky Music...

April 6th,  2002

Wolftown is a non-profit certified wolf rescue organization directed by naturalist author and animal re-habilitator T. Martino. The facility takes in unwanted or mistreated wolves and gives them a peaceful place to live out their lives.  Wolftown also rehabilitates abused, injured and problem horses and will soon begin a falcon project. Wolftown educates the public about the animals it cares for and encourages the involvement of young people to promote understanding and compassion for animals.  Wolftown also advocates the protection of wild lands.

Wolftown sought out and contacted the Deathgrip to aid them in bringing publicity to their tireless efforts to aid these noble creatures.  They only exist by the grace of donations given by concerned people.  To donate, or to find out more about what they do, please visit their website at:

Touring the project with the staff
Gomersh at the Wolftown enterance Qur, Dirrath, Ma'k, and J'voS. Deathgrip with Wolftown staff Impressive facilities

Wolves are very shy creatures & tend to hide when strangers visit, but they seem to have taken to Klingons quite well!
Which one is more curious about the other? This wolf seems curious about Dirrath... ...and K'Vella... ...and Qur... ...and Ma'k This one doesn't seem to care for Qur

The animals rescued by Wolftown have come from a variety of places and circumstances. Often arriving sickly and abused, they are cared for here and given sanctuary for life.
This is TaTa, which in Wahzhazhe means dear TaTa smells Klingons afoot! Akida-Aki, which means Chief Protector,
 and Pup-Pup Tata and Minaw, who is the Alpha Female Tata

Usually done only by the staff, we were allowed to participate in the feeding of the wolves, which consisted of tossing raw & frozen meat over the electrified fence.
Boy these wolves eat good! He winds for the pitch... Duck! Gomersh gets his turn The wolves had to run far for that one!

Then of course, the Klingons had to feed!
Observing human custom, Ma'k uses his knife We don't need no stinkin' knives! So fresh it almost screams Dirrath gets to the heart of the matter Never interupt a feasting Klingon A growing Klingon needs his protien

Every good meal needs a dessert, so the Deathgrip crew battles over a leftover sheep carcass!
Mmmm, sheep carcass... Make a wish! The glory of the hunt! Ma'k takes a bite!


The big 25th anniversary convention!

March 28th-31st  2002

Grrrrrr... Qur, Qeslah, K'Russ, K'Vella, and J'voS Some of the crew pose with the Deathgrip flag Ma'k brings out the Saurian Brandy! Qur, K'Vella, and Brigadier Qeslah Long live the Empire! -both of them! K'Vella The ritual invasion of Denneys continues! Capt J'voS finds a true warriors drink!

The T'Mar hosts the special Klingon edition of The Weakest Link!
qur will take this host over that weak human Anne Robinson anyday! Klingon Unity! Various Deathgrip, T'Mar & Raptor members gather onstage Whose brain has breached it's core! Escorting the weak link off stage, who promplty beats them with her cain! Gordon scores one for the Empire!

The Brigadier discovers just how strict the peace bonding rules are...
Posing with Seattles finest A WHAT Pistol? Hey, that tickles! ...but I have diplomatic immunity!!!

Norwescon always features a colorfull cast of characters
Romulans! Dirrath is feeling a little blue The Brigadier enjoys some of the cons more literary aspects... One of our own goes Ape! Klingons and Romulans and Apes, Oh My


Creation Grand Slam on Tour
With William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy in Seattle

February 23rd-24th  2002

qur and Dirrath with Richard Herd Nichelle Nichols with Qur. Mugging for the camera Telling tales of glory!


The Seattle Premiere of
at the Experience Music Project

September 26th  2001

UPN 11 invited the Deathgrip to provide the welcoming ceremonies
(and general mayhem) with KISW's Scott Vanderpool.

The crew with a slightly nervous Scott Vanderpool Tarqul with the Deathgrip and UPN banners qur with future recruit! The Gangs all here
Who says Klingons cant be friendly? Clowning for the camera in the dressing room The Grip with UPNs Jamie Cohen and KISWs Scott Vanderpool It may not be easy being green, but its fun!

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