Welcome aboard one of the Empire's most glorious ships, the

"Boiling the blood of our enemies since 1995"

The Command Crew of the DeathGrip
Cmdr Kur, Brigadier Kesla, Capt Jivosh

The IKV DeathGrip is a Klingon enthusiast organization stationed
in the Seattle/PugetSound area of Washington State. We are
assigned to the Green Fire Quadrant of The Ring of Fire Fleet

Since we were founded in 1995, our members have contributed
much to the Klingon fan community locally, nationwide, and

Not content to sit around and argue trivia,
we take an active part in local events to aid the community,
while at the same time, having a blast doing it.


Deathgrip flag
Flag of the
IKV DeathGrip

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